Hartley Memories and Its People

Hartley Residents


 Cemetery Memories and Rules

 Albright, Freeman and Welthy    Accused of Dancing at the Cemetery Chapel
 Baumgarten, Elmer    How the Cemetery Was Started
 Bojens, Jacob (family)    My First Memory of the Chapel
 Braunschweig, Eldo and Ida    Rules/Regulations Governing the Cemetery
 Brinkert, Edward and Florence    Grave Markers Tell Life Stories
 Brown, Dr. Ivan and Helen    Grave Marker Photos:
 Colby family        Jame McGee, Stone Tree Stump
 Colling, Jim and Babe  (photo)        Miller Marker, White Bronze, #2
 Eeten, Betty  #1, #2, #3, #4#5 (photo)        Colby Plot: Beth Colby, #2
 Fechter, Lambert        Drake Stone with Orb
 Hand, Dr. William C.        Guenther Marker, Drape and Books, #2
 Hansen, Ing and Pat        Guenther Marker, Urn and Drape, #2, #3
 Inman, Chester    Cemetery Sextons at Hartley Pleasant View Cemetery
 Linder, Paul    
 Linder family    
 Lux, Dale  (photo)   Memories
 Messer, Erwin and Eliza     Hartley School Buildings
 Neebel, Elmer and Addie     Hartley's Two Colonels
 Patton, Harvey    The Grasshoppers
 Petersen, Dr. John Cleve and Neva    
 Putnam, Hobart & Bertha    
 Rahn, Carl    
 Riedemann, Keith       
 Shinkle, Lyle    
 Silverthorn, Isaac       
 Snider, Arlo  (photo)       
 Treimer, William M       
 Pheteplace, Louise       
 Schierholz, Alvin       
 McCarty, Rich and LaVonne    
 Butler, Robert (Bob)