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NEEDED: Volunteers to Help with All-School Reunion for 2019
Address: 162 S Central Ave., Hartley, IA, 51346  
Location: Red's Cafe
Date: October 11, 2018  (Starts at: 6:30pm)

In an effort to hopefully boost involvement and attendance at the planning meeting for the all School Reunion, we are trying to get more people to come and be a part of this committee. If you know of someone that would like to be involved, bring them along. We can not do this alone and if we can’t get more people involved, we will have to weigh whether we can do this or not. It is a lot of work and we do need more help.
The meeting is on October 11, 2018 at Red’s Café at 6:30 pm regarding the All-School Reunion. This is a very special year with the Legions 100th year celebration happening at the same time. We are trying to co-ordinate plans with the Legion.
Currently the thought is that we are going to try to do the reunion via social media as much as possible. It is unbelievable the time we spend trying to get addresses and the number of return addresses we get back not to mention the cost of postage on a very limited budget.
We hope we will see you Thursday night. If Thursday doesn’t work for you and you would like to help and be involved, call me at 712-348-3309. Bring a friend and come.

Steve Lux & Clayton Pyle
Co-chairs, Hartley All-school Reunion