Welcome to Hartley, Iowa!

Hartley is a small community with an entertaining atmosphere that attracts young people and families to visit and stay. Hartley builds on its traditional agricultural strengths in diverse and innovative ways.  Hartley supports and attracts a range of new and diverse technology based businesses, with an economy that is supported by a variety of recreational activities and events.

Much of Hartley's local development has occured in Hartley's Industrial Park as well as new home development on the east side. Work from the Hartley Economic Development Committee is helping to ensure more development in Hartley. With the addition of Valero's Ethanol Plant, we hope that more businesses and families will be attracted to the area.



City of Hartley Has Opening for Water Certified Plant Operator



For a listing of Hartley Chamber of Commerce Holiday events, click here.



City Downtown Planning Meeting Results

The City held a Downtown Planning Meeting August 18th .

As a result several areas were identified by many people present.
We ask for your comments about Hartley’s downtown.

To do that email hartley@tcaexpress.net.
Click here for the SWOT Analysis.



City of Hartley offers financial assistance
for sidewalk replacement



“A Land Beyond Expectations!”

We're proud of our region – Northwest Iowa. 
Please enjoy the video!






The City of Hartley will be submitting grants for a storm water management project to reduce flooding. The City is asking the public for pictures of past floods (streets, outside property and businesses, farm land on edge of City etc.)  Pictures will be copied and returned to owner.  Pictures can be left at City Hall or emailed to hartley@tcaexpress.net.  Include owner’s contact information.  For questions, call City Hall at 712-928-2240 or email hartley@tcaexpress.net.




Click here to pay your city bill.



City Seeks Water Certified Plant Operator
November 20, 2015
The City of Hartley, Iowa is seeking a Water Certified Plant Operator to manage the City’s Grade II ...
O&O Kids Selling Candles
November 27, 2015
O&O Kids 4-H Club selling candles in 8 fragrances including Apple Pie or Balsam Fir. ORDER BY DECEMBER 1st ...
Hartley Community Foundation Matching Funds
The Hartley Community Foundation Board has announced a matching challenge to fund re-siding the Patch-Eeten house. Gifts designated for ...
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