Welcome to Hartley, Iowa!

Hartley is a small community with an entertaining atmosphere that attracts young people and families to visit and stay. Hartley builds on its traditional agricultural strengths in diverse and innovative ways.  Hartley supports and attracts a range of new and diverse technology based businesses, with an economy that is supported by a variety of recreational activities and events.

Much of Hartley's local development has occured in Hartley's Industrial Park as well as new home development on the east side. Work from the Hartley Economic Development Committee is helping to ensure more development in Hartley. With the addition of Valero's Ethanol Plant, we hope that more businesses and families will be attracted to the area.





Hartley Awarded Many
O'Brien County Foundation Grants this year.




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H-M-S High School Alumni Album
March 3, 2014
The Hartley Historical Society is sponsoring a H-M-S High School Alumni Album. The album will include history of the ...
Residential Sidewalk Replacement Program
RESIDENTIAL SIDEWALK REPLACEMENT PROGRAM "A program designed to replace defective sidewalks"
Bright Energy Solutions
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